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Tag questions explained.



What is questions tag

A question tag is a grammatical structure that is added to the end of a sentence to turn it into a question. It is also known as a tag question or a question tail. A question tag typically consists of an auxiliary verb and a pronoun, which are used to confirm or clarify what has been said. For example, in the sentence “You’re coming with us, aren’t you?” the question tag “aren’t you?” is added to the end to confirm whether the person being addressed will be coming with the speaker. Question tags are often used in informal speech to seek agreement or confirmation from the listener.


Sure, here are 100 examples of question tags:


  1. You’re coming to the party, aren’t you?
  2. He’s not feeling well, is he?
  3. You’ve finished your homework, haven’t you?
  4. She’s a great singer, isn’t she?
  5. They don’t like spicy food, do they?
  6. You won’t forget to call me, will you?
  7. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
  8. He’s going to the gym, isn’t he?
  9. You’re not going to be late, are you?
  10. She’s never been to Paris, has she?
  11. He can speak Spanish, can’t he?
  12. You don’t mind if I join you, do you?
  13. She’s always so busy, isn’t she?
  14. He’s a doctor, isn’t he?
  15. You’re not afraid of heights, are you?
  16. You didn’t eat all the cookies, did you?
  17. She’s taller than you, isn’t she?
  18. He’s never been to New York, has he?
  19. You’ll come to the meeting, won’t you?
  20. It’s not raining outside, is it?
  21. She’s very intelligent, isn’t she?
  22. He’s a good student, isn’t he?
  23. You’re enjoying the movie, aren’t you?
  24. She’s going to the concert, isn’t she?
  25. You’ve read this book before, haven’t you?
  26. He’s always on time, isn’t he?
  27. You’re not going to cancel our plans, are you?
  28. She’s a great cook, isn’t she?
  29. He’s going to be late, isn’t he?
  30. You’re not going to forget my birthday, are you?
  31. It’s not too hot in here, is it?
  32. She’s a little bit shy, isn’t she?
  33. He’s not feeling well today, is he?
  34. You’ve been to this restaurant before, haven’t you?
  35. She’s wearing a beautiful dress, isn’t she?
  36. He’s very talented, isn’t he?
  37. You’re not allergic to anything, are you?
  38. She’s going to be a great lawyer, isn’t she?
  39. You’ve seen this movie already, haven’t you?
  40. He’s a good listener, isn’t he?
  41. You’re not going to change your mind, are you?
  42. She’s very organized, isn’t she?
  43. He’s not a fan of spicy food, is he?
  44. You’re not going to be too late, are you?
  45. She’s been studying for hours, hasn’t she?
  46. He’s a great athlete, isn’t he?
  47. You’re not going to miss the train, are you?
  48. She’s very friendly, isn’t she?
  49. He’s not a morning person, is he?
  50. You’ve already made dinner plans, haven’t you?
  51. She’s a great dancer, isn’t she?
  52. He’s always so positive, isn’t he?
  53. You’re not going to forget to pick me up, are you?
  54. She’s very creative, isn’t she?
  55. He’s a hard worker, isn’t he?
  56. You’re not going to cancel our reservation, are you?
  57. She’s been working out a lot, hasn’t she?
  58. He’s a great musician, isn’t he?
  59. You’re not going to be too tired, are you?
  60. She’s very patient, isn’t she? 61


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